The prisoner who collected 4 thousand euros from the commanders in Idrizovo, is in prison for a series of frauds that he is employed by the Ministry of the Interior

Idrizovo Prison, Photo: MIA

The two commanders from the "Idrizovo" prison, who gave a bribe of 4.000 euros to the prisoner Janko Janevski in order to move them to work in the Ministry of the Interior, fell for the same trick - a series of frauds to mediate a job in the Ministry of the Interior, for which he is now serving 9 years in prison. published I want to say.

The commanders who will be held accountable for paying bribes and will be suspended from "Idrizovo" were so naive that they did not even know that previously Janevski had served two more prison sentences for the same fraudulent tricks, the media writes and adds that the two naive commanders did not even search the Google what the prisoner Janko Janevski was convicted of, and if they had done that, maybe he wouldn't have taken 2 thousand euros from them and cheated them. Now they do not work in the Ministry of the Interior or in "Idrizovo".

On September 16 of this year, Janevski called Alfa TV, where he introduced himself as the former deputy minister of culture, complained that he was mistreated by other prisoners and demanded a racket of 4.000 euros. The director of the "Idrizovo" prison, Zoran Jovanovski, initially said that he did not know what was happening, but that he would check. After calling the prisoner and the commander for a conversation, the director told Alfa TV: "This matter is not from now, it has been going on for a long time. As far as I have been informed, it is about a debt creditor relationship between them and a personal misunderstanding."


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