A prisoner collected 4.000 euros from commanders with a promise to employ them in the Ministry of the Interior

Idrizovo Prison, Photo: MIA

Last week, the Administration for Execution of Sanctions carried out an extraordinary surveillance in KPD Idrizovo in order to verify the allegations of convicted persons Toni Denkovski and Janko Janevski for threats to life, racketeering and blackmail.

In relation to the allegations of Janko Janevski, who is serving a 9-year prison sentence, that he had blackmailed and threatened his life to return 4000 euros within 24 hours, the Administration for the Execution of Sanctions conducted a conversation with two members of the prison police who claimed that they were deceived by Janevski, who asked them for 2000 euros each, promising them that they would be transferred to work in the Ministry of the Interior.

They paid the total amount of 4000 euros to his friend in the "City Mall" shopping center.

After some time, the commanders realized that they had been deceived and reported the incident to PS Kavadarci.

Officials from the Administration also spoke with the convicted person Janko Janevski, who clarified that he never took money from members of the prison police, but on the contrary, that he personally gave money to Kiro Dimov, a member of the prison police. Convicted Janevski received the money from sports betting that was organized in the institution and on several occasions he lent money to Dimov.

Then he started threatening him through convicted persons to return the debt within 24 hours. The allegations that the member of the prison police took money from Janevski were confirmed by two other convicted persons.

Regarding the convicted person Toni Denkovski for his complaint that his security was violated and that there were threats and blackmail by convicted persons and members of the prison police, for which a report was also submitted to the Basic Public Prosecutor's Office for Organized Crime and Corruption, from the conversation with he did not indicate specific names of convicted persons or members of the prison police, which is why his findings could not be verified.

For Denkovski, no event or physical attack on this person has been recorded in the daily bulletins, and measures have been taken to protect his safety, he is placed alone in a room and goes for a walk alone.

Until the day of the supervision, the convicted person Toni Denkovski has not submitted a request for transfer to another institution, the Ministry of Justice informs.

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