Closed schools, food, electricity and fuel shortages: A terrible crisis in Sri Lanka


Sri Lankan authorities closed schools today and urged government officials not to come to work in a desperate attempt to deal with the expected shortage of fuel.

The Ministry of Public Administration asked the civil servants, with the exception of the employees in the basic services, not to come to work today due to the "lack of fuels and the state of the traffic throughout the country".

Both public and private schools are closed today due to deteriorating fuel supplies, at a time when thousands of people are waiting in line at gas stations.

Sri Lanka has run out of gas and is facing a severe shortage of all oil products.

The government of the country on the verge of bankruptcy has had great difficulty finding money to import fuel, gas and other derivatives in recent months.

Sri Lankans have been waiting in line for months to buy basic necessities, mainly imported products. The weak national currency also hampered the import of raw materials for production, which further increased inflation.

Protesters blocked major roads demanding gas and fuel, and television stations reported reports of fights in parts of the country in an attempt to obtain some basic necessities.

Authorities said they also cut off electricity for four hours a day because there was not enough energy for the normal operation of the power supply system.

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