Save time and money: 4 super useful tips from German experts to save electricity while cooking

Photo: Unsplash

It is clear to all of us that the prices have drastically jumped, and what a household of three annually spends about 11 percent of its electricity on cooking, it does not make the situation any easier for us at all.

However, there are a few tricks to save electricity in the kitchen that will be of great help.

As reported by the German news agency "DPA", for starters, if you use a cover, the heat cannot escape from the pot. It is three times more efficient than cooking without a lid, and the food will heat up faster.

Except that, electricity can also be saved by choosing a pot and pan whose radii correspond to the size of the hotplate, and the radius of the dishes can be even slightly larger.

Money and electricity can be saved if it is poured into the pot just the required amount of water, because it speeds up the heating process and thus reduces the consumption of water and electricity.

The campaign of the German government emphasized that eggs and vegetables can be cooked in just 2 centimeters of water – in other words, without being covered by water. This way you can save 10 euros per year.

The last tip is for lovers of pasta. Namely, put the pasta in a pot while the water is still cold, they say that it will be ready faster.

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