2000 pine, cypress and oak seedlings were planted at the "Krst" site in Kuchkovo

Photo: Municipality of Gjorce Petrov

2000 young seedlings have been planted at the "Cross" location in Kuchkovo, which, according to the mayor of Gjorce Petrov Municipality, Aleksandar Stojkoski, should significantly contribute to clean air in this tourist spot in the long term. The afforestation action was carried out on the initiative of the company "Johnson Matty" and 130 employees of the company participated in it, which, according to the mayor, once again showed social responsibility towards the protection of the environment.

We are implementing a new big action for the greening of the village of Kuchkovo! The commitments of the Municipality of Gjorce Petrov for a green and clean ecological environment are carried out as planned, and according to the weather conditions. We improve the ecological status of the local ecosystem and act as an example in the joint "creating the greenery". Black pine, white pine, Arizona cypress and oak were planted. After planting the trees, we continued together in another action – collecting waste from the same location. This is our symbolic contribution as citizens to the preservation of ecology - said Stojkoski.

He appeals to the fasting people of the locality to pay attention to hygiene and to use the urban equipment correctly.

Recently, 150 park trees were planted at two locations in Gjorce Petrov, that is, on the Vardar River Quay and in the yard of OOU "Dimitar Pop Georgiev Berovski".

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