For the sake of the rating, let's not embarrass ourselves at home in Washington

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We do not need another Strategic Agreement with the United States from which "Lepa od Kanatlarci" will be satisfied, but one with which we will not waste the precious time of our American friends.

Some time ago, then-Macedonian President Boris Trajkovski - which current President Stevo Pendarovski must remember because he was his adviser - sent a 10-point list to Washington.

By the way, as a reminder, the then US Ambassador to the country Lawrence Butler strongly opposed the sending of that list. And Stevo Pendarovski himself in the president's office in terms of sending that rather insolent list was 50-50, so-so, but Trajkovski "skipped" the US Embassy here and the list ended up in Washington.

That ten-point list, by the way, was quite cut, pasted and mounted before it was sent - I will not explain in which part of the list I mounted - but, to be honest, Ljubomir Frckoski added the tenth point to the list: the United States to recognize the Republic of Macedonia under its constitutional name! Therefore, the most deserving of the Macedonian side for the American recognition of the Republic of Macedonia under its constitutional name is - Frckoski.

But it is not a topic to publish "state secrets" here. The point is that the other 9 points on the list, together with Frchko's tenth, were "delivered" from Washington to us until the last comma! Even regardless of the fact that we always have levers and some left moron in politics who does not understand these things, let alone the half to implement them. But the conclusion is clear: all 10 points were delivered by the American side, to the last.

And, I say, the implementation of half of that list our institutions managed to pass, made diversions and the like. For example, one of the famous "saboteurs" is the then Minister of Finance Nikola Popovski. He may sue me for what I say, but if I put together some of the points on this list and the transcripts of his meeting with the then Iraqi Minister of Finance, the man would have to leave immediately for a lavish dunster pension. But it is less important. Americans deserve, for the first and last time, great gratitude on our part.

This brings us to the topicality of this topic. Namely, now, the Government, chaotically, proposed, and the administration in Washington again, out of courtesy, accepted out of courtesy to make another, Macedonian-American Strategic Agreement! Allegedly, as Grujo once did and "stuck the world" around George W. Bush in 2008, if we receive from Bulgaria again European integration NO, to have something to be proud of at home, like Grujo then, and now, so that our rating does not fall.

I read what our Foreign Minister Bujar Osmani proposed and I can not believe that this Strategic Agreement refers to some "Beautiful from Kanatlarci" to take a scholarship and study in the United States!

Strategic agreements are a very difficult matter. Here, for example, Finland and Sweden, stuck in all the "strategic agreements", bought 120 American F-35A aircraft from the first and without a referendum, not counting "Lepa from Kanatlarci". Strategic agreements are very difficult to achieve, our side is always characterized by general lack of equipment, a few dunsters around for painting and Bujar with a big smile and a greeting hand. And what, in fact, if it is really strategic and is not intended only to make someone rating in Skopje, should the framework of such an agreement contain?

First, the United States from its own resources and without accrued interest, to allocate funds for coal to gas conversion of REK Bitola and TPP Negotino. For the needs of their work, we will procure the gas only from the USA, and the conversion will be done by companies selected in a tender in whose commission the USA will have the main say.

Second, the United States will introduce a visa regime with Macedonia the same as it has with Albania.

Third, the United States will ask its allies - Great Britain to abolish visas with RSM, and Canada, Australia and New Zealand with RSM to introduce the same regime as the United States, ie the same as the one with Albania.

Fourth, the United States will lobby for some of the US investment withdrawn from Russia to end up in our economy, and we will reform our administration according to US design. These investments should be directed to the region Gostivar-Tetovo-Skopje and Kumanovo where many citizens have returned from work in Afghanistan and now do not know what to do with themselves.

Fifth, all weapons produced in the East, which are still in the arsenal of the RSM Army, to be delivered to Ukraine, and in our country to be adequately replaced, can be "used", with weapons procured from the United States.

Sixth, the United States to give us an interest-free loan to buy 10 helicopters and a few more transport planes for the needs of the state.

Seventh, the Krivolak military range to be permanently leased to NATO on terms and conditions defined by another agreement.

Eighth, the US FBI headquarters in Budapest to open a regional office for the Republic of Northern Macedonia (and the region).

Ninth, the judicial reforms should be expressly intensified, and there should be no talk about the fight against corruption!

Tenth, point Miscellaneous…

This is a kind of Strategic Agreement with which "Lepa od Kanatlarci" would be much more satisfied than what we politely ask from Washington today, due to the dilemma whether or not there will be a veto from Bulgaria. So that we do not waste the precious time of our strategic friends. Because the world is becoming a very complicated place for strategic agreements. If they are not practical, they do not benefit anyone. Except for those concerned about political ratings at home.

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