He earned 45.000 euros in 45 minutes: Zdravko Colic was a special guest at a wedding in Belgrade

Zdravko Colic / Photo: Printscreen/Instagram/Zdravko Colic

The Serbian singer Zdravko Colic (73) this weekend was a special guest at the wedding of the son of a businessman, which was organized in a Belgrade restaurant.

Although he does not often sing at private celebrations, Colic agreed to perform at this wedding celebration. Allegedly, as written by the Serbian media, he earned 45.000 euros for a performance that lasted 45 minutes.

"Chola can choose where he will perform. He doesn't practice singing at private parties, but this time he made an exception. There were certain conditions, which the newlyweds and their families fulfilled without a word. Among other things, he asked that the stage be raised so that the guests do not get too close to him while he sings, that there is no song order or photo taking with the guests. He asked for 45.000 euros for a 45-minute performance, which was immediately accepted because the newlyweds adore his music. They played the first dance with the song 'Tebe chuvam za kraj'. He sang his biggest hits, and everyone was moved when they sang the song 'Ti si mi u krvi'. In the end, he immediately left the bar accompanied by his security," said a source who attended the wedding.

In addition to him, the wedding guests were also entertained by folk singers Violeta Miljkovic и Radisha Trajkovic – Djani.

In addition to the fee, they were rewarded with an excellent tip, but Colic refused to take that money.

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