The seized weapons in Severna Mitrovica are connected to last year's attack in Banjska

The Kosovo police said that the weapons that were seized yesterday at two locations in Northern Mitrovica were found in the hands of two people who are wanted by the Kosovo authorities in connection with the Banjska case from last September, when a policeman and three members of the Serbian group that carried out the attack were killed.

The Kosovo police previously confirmed to the media that yesterday afternoon they carried out two searches in Severna Mitrovica and found weapons.

The searches were carried out at two locations, at the wanted persons Zarko Cvetkovic and Marijan Radojevic, it was confirmed last night at a press conference held in the premises of the Kosovo Police in Severna Mitrovica, where the confiscated weapons were also exhibited.

The acting commander of the northern region of the Kosovo Police, Veton Eljshani, specified at the press conference that part of the weapons, namely three Kalashnikovs, were found in a shaft near the Tri Soliteri area. He connected this seizure with M. R, whom the Kosovo police are already looking for in connection with the Banjska case.

The second search was carried out on "Rudarski Cheti" street, in the house and in two other locations in the yard. This seizure is related to Cvetkovic, whom the police are also looking for in connection with the Banjska case.

Eljshani said that in this case the Kosovo police cooperated with the Kosovo Intelligence Agency and with citizens.

- We received information about the location of the weapon and conducted searches. We suspect that the case is related to persons who are already wanted, said Elshani.

Several types of weapons were found - automatic, hunting rifles, pistols, ammunition of different calibers, explosive devices.

At the first location, three AK-47 rifles, four frames with 60 cartridges, 11 bullets, one revolver holster and one military bag were seized.

On the second – belt with 25 bullets for hunting weapons, 23 bullets for hunting weapons, TT pistol with one frame and eight bullets, three frames with eight bullets each, two frames, 28 bullets for rifles, one box of bullets 7×62, four gun cleaners, box of suspicious items.

Also found and seized: rifle with bayonet, one 7×62 double-framed eight-round pistol and one holster, black bag containing weapons cleaning equipment, two boxes of 50 7×62 rounds, three eight-round frames, rifle .

The police also seized a "metal hedgehog" that is placed as an obstacle for puncturing car tires, body armor, 30 pieces of suspected explosive substance TM 100, one uniform, a black bag with a first aid kit and a radio connection adapter.

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