The amnesty law was passed in the government session

Government of RSM / photo: Dragan Mitreski - Free Press

At today's government session, the text of the draft law on amnesty, which is proposed by the Ministry of Justice, and which was worked on for a long time, was determined.

One of the most significant changes in the law is that the president of the state will be able to pardon only persons who have been legally convicted and who have already been sentenced, but not those who are subject to criminal prosecution.

In addition, the Government points out, with the amendments, deadlines are also foreseen for the participants in the pardon procedure due to the frequent problems in terms of the urgency of the procedure.

"Among other things, the terminological harmonization of separate names and terms is carried out. That is, the term and types of pardon, the effect of the pardon, the persons authorized to submit a petition for pardon, as well as the procedure and acts of the competent authorities regarding the pardon are regulated. The procedure for pardoning is also being worked out, where the provisions for the responsibility of the persons who act on the cases, as well as their superiors, are also crucial," added the Government announcement.

The reasons for passing a new law on amnesty, as pointed out by the Government, stem from the shortcomings and legal gaps in the current Law in terms of its practical application.

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