The law on amnesty is not in the interest of the citizens, but it is an amnesty for crimes committed in the past and now

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President of the Democratic Movement, Izet Majiti, says that the Amnesty Law is not in the interest of citizens or EU integration, but is an amnesty for crimes committed in the past and now.

- The fact that they failed to finish the job completely, regarding Gruevski and others to close the cases, now they will try with the amnesty law. So, this is not in the interest of the citizens, it is not in the interest of the processes or of the EU integrations, but on the contrary they want amnesty for the crime that was committed at that time and now. And they think that when they go to the opposition, they will spend it more comfortably and with less consequences. We are completely opposed to these moves, because the fact is that both the international factor and the international community have made clear remarks that this is not moving forward, but pulling the country back in terms of integration - said Mejiti, who was accompanied by the presidents of the Besa and Alternative Movements , Biljal Kasami and Afrim Gashi.

Regarding yesterday's interview of VMRO DPMNE vice-president Aleksandar Nikoloski in which he brought out the USB and which he claims is part of a secret communication between the former president of VMRO-DPMNE, Nikola Gruevski, the leader of DUI Ali Ahmeti, the president of the Parliament Talat Xhaferi , and another person, Majiti said that the USB contains the amendments to the Criminal Code, which crimes to delete and the Amnesty Law.


- It is already an open secret that this government's only hope is to enter the EU through Budapest. So, if there is a weak point, it is Orban and Hungary, and on the contrary, we want through Hungary, so that is our only hope to claim and go towards the EU. The fact itself says that this government is in league with Nikola Gruevski and his, but not for integrations, not for strategic issues, but to close these crimes of theirs, to be free and to last as long as this government can, I mean in months , he said.

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