Zakharova believes that the destruction of the dam should be the subject of a worldwide investigation

The situation with the collapse of the Kakhovka dam should be the subject of study and investigation worldwide, said the spokeswoman of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Maria Zakharova.

"This is no longer the topic of the day or the week, but is placed in a historical context. I'm talking about what happened yesterday with Kakhovka. It really should become a topic for study and research all over the world," stressed Zakharova.

She pointed out that the reaction of the West in all such situations is "completely predictable", noting that there is an endless desire to blame Russia for everything that happens, regardless of whether it really happened or is a figment of imagination.

Zakharova clarified that all this is part of the "informational and psychological war and the endless connection of all the negative things that are happening inside, outside and on the periphery of Western countries with Russia, in order to maintain the hysterical attitude of their inhabitants regarding the situation in The Russian Federation," TAS reported.

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