Zakharova: NATO supports the regime in Kyiv and demonizes Russia

Marija Zakharova / Photo: EPA

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Marija Zaharova, said today that the Alliance is not interested in a political and diplomatic solution in Ukraine.

According to her, the joint statement, which was adopted yesterday at the meeting of NATO heads of diplomacy in Bucharest, indicates that the Alliance does not want a peaceful solution in Ukraine.

"The wording of this statement indicates that NATO is absolutely not interested in a political and diplomatic solution in Ukraine," Zakharova said.

She assessed that NATO continues to implement the policy established immediately after the coup d'état in Ukraine in February 2014, which includes "providing blank support to the regime in Kyiv and, accordingly, demonizing Russia in order to justify the very existence of the North Atlantic Alliance."

The heads of diplomacy of the NATO member states previously stated at the summit in Bucharest that they will increase aid to Ukraine, not only with military equipment, but also in the reconstruction of critical infrastructure and increased protection against missile attacks.

Their joint statement stated that Russia bears full responsibility for the war, violations of international law and the principles of the UN Charter.

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