Zakharova accused "Free Press" of not having the courage to speak about American "manipulations"

Zakharova published a picture from Macedonian newspapers on Telegram / Photo Printscreen

The beginning of today's press conference of Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov was marked by his spokeswoman with a short comment for the media, with samples from "Sloboden Pechat" and "Nova Makedonija" in front of her.

"What's fake?" Practical analysis.

The first Macedonian newspaper publishes a photo that was taken BEFORE the meeting of the ministers of foreign affairs of the OSCE. It is not official, because the meeting did not open until the next day. But the newspaper did not have the courage to talk about this and talk about the unscrupulousness of American manipulations, whose propaganda goal was to demonstrate anti-Russian fervor.

But the newspaper had the courage to publish a headline that "Everyone is against Lavrov."

The second Macedonian newspaper published not a staged photo, but a frame from the very opening of the OSCE Ministerial Council. The same OSCE Ministerial Council from which the leaders of NATO literally escaped, and Sergey Lavrov thoroughly surpassed them," wrote Zakharova on Telegram.

She also wrote that the press conference of Sergey Lavrov in Skopje lasted almost 1,5 hours, but "the Western media are no longer interested in Ukraine, not even in the form of anti-Russian provocations".

"The topic was off. But we will not leave Zelensky. On vacation," she added.

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