Zaev-Pina: Northern Macedonia has done and should be part of the EU family, strong support from Portugal

 Strong support from Portugal and the Portuguese Presidency for the European perspectives of Northern Macedonia was expressed at the meeting of Prime Minister Zoran Zaev with the Portuguese Ambassador to the country Maria Virgina Pina.

At the meeting, as reported by the government press service, it was emphasized that Portugal, as a country that builds bridges, especially respects the policies of Prime Minister Zaev and the Government - to create solutions instead of problems.

- This, as stated, is a case with the development of good neighborly relations with Greece and Bulgaria, but also with the work done in the reform processes at home, due to which Portugal, as a country holding the Presidency of the Council of the EU, considers that the Republic of Northern Macedonia should be part of the EU family, reads the statement.

Zaev expressed great gratitude for the investments and efforts of Portugal, within the Portuguese presidency, to continue the EU enlargement process, through creative solutions, which our country values ​​as a good basis in developing relations with the Republic of Bulgaria.

- We have shown as a country that we are a functional multiethnic democracy, which is strongly committed to European values. We are supported by the support of the EU member states. But, our position is that for what has been done, it is time to give recognition through a concrete step on our European integration path, said Prime Minister Zaev.

It was jointly concluded at the meeting that there are good grounds for deeper bilateral cooperation between Northern Macedonia and Portugal and for the promotion of relations in the economy, culture, social policies.

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