Zaev: This year we saw how important volunteers are to us

Zoran Zaev
Zoran Zaev / Photo: Government of the Republic of Northern Macedonia

This year, on the International Day of Volunteers, December 5, we pay tribute to the volunteers for their tireless commitment and unconditional love that they give in many processes for the good of communities, society and in support of many of our fellow citizens who must not be neglected, wrote Prime Minister Zoran Zaev on his Facebook profile.

This year, says Zaev, we saw the inspiring force of volunteers during the forest fires in the country, as well as their continuous activity to participate in supporting our fellow citizens in dealing with the threats of the covid-19 pandemic.

- The noble self-sacrifice of the volunteers inspires us to expand the mission of volunteering and solidarity. On this day, let us encourage everyone to get involved and participate in creating the humanitarian face of the communities, to accept voluntary action for a better future and to be proud that they were part of that mission, Prime Minister Zoran Zaev announced on Facebook.

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