Zaev: Let's pour gasoline on ourselves and set ourselves on fire, why was the modular hospital in Tetovo without a building permit?

Zoran Zaev / Photo: The screenshot

According to the manner of construction of the modular hospital in Tetovo, such hospitals are not set up with a permit, but with a decision for handover, said Prime Minister Zoran Zaev today to journalists.

- We all know that the state did not build with the approval for construction of statics, as all hospitals are built. These were modular containers and there is a handover for them, not a use permit, Zaev answered, adding that with a similar procedure, tables are set in front of cafes. "And what should we all do now, sprinkle ourselves with gasoline and set ourselves on fire?" ironically added the Prime Minister. 

He also referred to today the growth of prices and noted that it is lower than the general growth of prices worldwide. For now, according to him, there is no reason to raise bread.

According to him, the reduction of VAT on the price of electricity from 18 to five percent is exactly one of the most important services. As he said, the price is still kept stable, without rising.

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