For a fun Saturday night: These are the most watched shows on Netflix right now

Photo: Pexels/Anastasia Shuraeva

If you want to spend your Saturday evening in a homely atmosphere, a good movie, great company and delicious popcorn are always a good idea.

Fortunately, there's always a great selection on movie platforms like Netflix, whether you're looking to watch something fictional or a documentary.

Next, find out which movie titles are among the most popular on Netflix, so you might find something that you and your company will enjoy.

"The Mother"

In the first place is the movie "The Mother", in which the main role is played by the Latin star Jennifer Lopez. But this is a slightly different film compared to the films we are used to seeing Lopez in.

She plays a retired hitwoman, hidden from the world, whose daughter is kidnapped to get to her.

Her character had to make a difficult decision immediately after giving birth – to separate from her daughter in order for her daughter to survive. But 12 years later, the ghosts of the past return…

"Faithfully Yours"

In second place is the film "Faithfully Yours", which recently arrived on Netflix. It is a Dutch thriller.

Two friends, Bodil and Isabel are in supposedly happy marriages. However, both simultaneously sneak away from their families due to their secret affairs. They use each other as alibis. The plan would be great and nothing would be found out, but... When Isabelle is found dead, Bodil begins to lose herself in her lies.

Lies, betrayals, friendship, secrets – the puzzle unravels, and Bodil gets more and more entangled in his own lies.

"Blood & Gold"

This German film was premiered at the "Fantasia" film festival in April of this year, and has recently been available on Netflix.

The time period in which the action of this film takes place is near the end of World War II. A German soldier searches for his daughter while SS soldiers search for Jewish treasure.

The film is rated 6,5 on IMDb and received mixed reviews from critics.

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