For Better Tetovo: The municipality divides the residents into citizens-villagers, rich-poor and expatriates-natives

Photo: Free Press

The discrimination and racketeering of Tetovo residents continues with the absurd sums of the garbage invoices issued by the Slovenian company Saubermacher. At the last extraordinary session in the Tetovo Municipality Council, instead of correcting the mistake with the high prices invoiced by Saubermacher, the meeting went in another direction of absurdity, informed today at a press conference by the NGO "For a Better Tetovo"

"Not knowing how to deal with the chaotic situation they themselves created, the management of the municipality made a scandalous decision that divides and discriminates against the residents of Tetovo. The municipality divided the residents into citizens-villagers, rich-poor and expatriates-natives. According to the new agreement, bills for the city will be charged per m2, while for the villages a flat rate will apply. Citizens who are faced with high bills will have to meet with the mayor of the municipality and he, out of goodwill, will remove the calculated squares for basements, stairs, balconies and ceilings. Unfortunately, the council of the Municipality of Tetovo has turned into a circus. in which illogical decisions affect the citizens. While political parties are fighting for political points before elections, no one is interested in protecting the interests of the citizens. It must be clear to the mayor of the municipality and the councilors that the decisions of the municipal council must be the same for all residents of the municipality of Tetovo and one cannot distinguish between them. Any attempt at separation and decisions with double standards for residents is pure discrimination, say the non-governmental organization "Za Podobor Tetovo".

The new bills will further worsen the economic situation of citizens who are still faced with high electricity prices and daily expenses. Now it is already clear that the leadership of the Municipality has lost touch with reality and is not capable of dealing with the specific problem.

"Since it was stated at the Council session that an extraordinary session will be convened again and the debate on determining the price for the city will continue, we appeal to the residents of the city of Tetovo to oppose this discrimination and extortion by the municipality, and not to become a victim to the irresponsibility of the Municipality", added the NGO.

Photo: Free Press

They held the press conference in front of a mini wild dump next to the Pena river promenade, to symbolically point out the bad state of hygiene in the city.

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