For Pendarovski, there is no other way to enter the developed world than through an agreement with the neighbors

Stevo Pendarovski with the citizens of Rosoman/Photo: Facebook

Together with SDSM, in the past seven years, we led the country on the right path, we did major things that no political generation has done since independence until today. The first big thing is that four years ago we joined the most powerful military organization in the history of mankind, NATO, and with that we received a deed for the territorial integrity and sovereignty of the state and each of its citizens. We did that, and it wasn't easy at all, but we weren't thinking about our political rating, but we were thinking about the future and these young children who are increasingly leaving our world, because they don't get a decent chance for a career here. If we tried to calulate and worry like the previous political group, only about the rating, and post only rosy pictures to people, we would still be the most isolated country, not only in the Balkans, but also in Europe, he said tonight at the rally in Kriva Palanka the candidate for president from SDSM, Stevo Pendarovski.

Pendarovski believes that the second big thing is the start of negotiations for membership in the EU, which was achieved with the agreements with the neighbors.

- There is no other way to enter the developed world than to make an agreement with the first neighbors, and then to think about integration into wider organizations. But at the moment when we held the first conference and thought that we had put Macedonia on the "fast track" and on this issue, unfortunately, apart from the obstructions we expected from our eastern neighbor, we unexpectedly experienced obstructions from the political opposition, embodied in the largest political opposition party, VMRO-DPMNE, who for their own motives, for their own reasons, were referring to the European path of Macedonia, like the Republic of Bulgaria. They prevented and are still preventing the country from progressing. Therefore, on April 24, dear ones, you have the opportunity to say to such political structures - no thank you. Because only this political group that has ruled until now, in the past 7 years, guarantees that we will continue towards Europe, and not return to the past surrounded by conflicts, tensions, humiliation of our citizens, a time when only one family and only one political party prospered, and all the others were second-class citizens, said Pendarovski.

Do not think at all on the 24th whether to give confidence to those people who are the same ones who we know how for 11 years they lived on the backs of the people, and how all of us who were not members of that party suffered, he said, pointing out that these same people entered with a mob of thugs into the assembly on the 27th of April, and their president of the parities along with them.

- Don't believe them, those people have a single goal, to come to power and stay as long as possible, regardless of what the Macedonian people and Macedonian citizens think. In the next 4 and 5 years, if you give us your trust, the state will surely continue on the course towards Europe and if there are no further obstructions from the opposition, it is possible to finish the negotiations with the EU in 4 years and move forward much faster, Pendarovski said.

Earlier, the presidential candidate Pendarovski also held meetings with the citizens of Staro Nagoricane and Kratovo, where he said that the opposition VMRO-DPMNE and their presidential candidate, Gordana Siljanovka Davkova, have no idea or plan for what to do with the European integration process.

- They say, it is better to be alone than to go with such humiliating agreements. Here let them make a better deal. Do they know how to make a better deal? To make a better deal you need to have international friends, they don't have any, and these deals they are talking about were made with the help of international friends. The USA and Europe stand behind the agreements, and they, VMRO-DPMNE, don't have many, many friends in Europe, they don't have any in the USA at all, and that's why they say, we'll tell you on May 9 what we're going to do. Dear friends, it is called "cat in a bag" ie political propaganda. Since they do not have any offer, they are hiding behind the fact that the agreements are not good and that they were protecting national interests, Pendarovski said.

He pointed out that unlike the time of the regime when access to the largest media was strictly limited, today there is a democratic environment and every individual in the country can see that.

-Someone will say, we should have ruled like that, but I can't function like that. I am different from Gjorge Ivanov, I am different from Gordana Siljanovska Davkova, I cannot rule in such a way, following a dictate and telling only my people and only my family will prosper. What happens to the other families in our country?, Pendarovski said, adding that in the first term he showed that he is the president of all, without favoring anyone and that he will continue like that in the second term, if he gets the support of the citizens.

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