For those who left too soon - "Legends live forever" on October 28 at the Macedonian Philharmonic

Photo: Promo

Under the motto "Legends live forever"On October 28 at the Macedonian Philharmonic a concert will be held in honor of those who left too soon, in order to pay tribute to all that they left behind. They wrote music history, and they could have done so much more.

An evening filled with compositions, strong emotions, like a time travel through Macedonian musical history, performed by the most popular Macedonian musical singers, accompanied by Chamber Orchestra.

We will remember the boy with an angelic voice, who pushed the boundaries and united the Balkans with his music Tose Proeski, we will sing the songs of the rocker with a gentle soul Vlatko Ilievski, we will not forget them Esma Redzepova, Gotse Arnaudov, Zafir Hadjimanov, Dragan Vucic and many others.

Many Macedonian names left the music world too early, but their songs will not fade away. They are gone, but the works will remain. They remain eternal, as a memory of those with whom we rejoiced, grew, grieved... Legends live forever, because there are young talents who live with them, in this time.

A lot of music and singing, even more emotions and some tears is what awaits us on October 28.

The tickets for this event are already on sale and you will have the opportunity to buy them through the sales network at

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