For Mickoski, one of the government's arguments for including Bulgarians in the Constitution is "either ignorance or manipulation"

Photo: MIA / printscreen

"It is a very wrong statement that Ali Ahmeti spoke about in the past period, then some of the ministers coming from DUI, and now I see, as the order is there, Kovacevski and the others from SDSM, Maricic are also starting to say it and the like", says the president of VMRO-DPMNE Hristijan Mickoski in connection with the argument that the inclusion of Bulgarians in the Macedonian Constitution will be the final distinction of the Macedonian from the Bulgarian people.

Answering questions at the opening of the political academy organized by the Party Research and Analytical Center "Ljubisha Georgievski",
Mickoski pointed out that he understands the representatives of the government "because it seems that they have not made friends with books, so they do not understand things and that is why they are trying to retell something that they have heard - not overheard".

"Even the author of Zivkovism had no problem with the modern Macedonian nation. Neither he had a problem, nor now his followers in Bulgaria, and one of them is President Radev. They have no problem with the Macedonian nation, which is the result of the formation of the modern Macedonian state as a result of the meetings held by ASNOM and AVTOJ and so on. But they have a problem with the Macedonian people before, that is, before the formation of the Macedonian state and the Macedonian nation, that is the problem. They say that the Macedonian people are actually Bulgarian people and that is the essence. None of them have a problem when they say, look, the modern Macedonian nation is the result of the meetings of ASNOM and AVNOJ, the anti-fascist struggle and the formation of the Macedonian state, everyone should know that. There is no problem here, but what happened before. They say, yes, those entities were formed then, but before that there were Bulgarians there and Bulgarians lived there, that's the essence," Mickoski said.

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