It is important for the EU that Serbia and Kosovo stop hostilities

Kurti and Vuќi / / Photo by EPA

The European Commission announced that at tomorrow's Belgrade-Pristina dialogue in Brussels "all open issues must and will be discussed", but Brussels emphasized that "it is not possible to speculate about the results of the talks".

The spokeswoman of the EC Nabila Masrali stated that the Commission will soon announce which topics will be on the negotiating table between the Serbian president Aleksandar Vuќi. and the Kosovo Prime Minister Albin Kurti.

The spokeswoman also pointed out that "for the EU, it is most important that both sides stop hostilities, with inflammatory messages and tensions and behave responsibly".

"It is the subject of the Dialogue, representatives of the stakeholders are coming and we will see what the outcome will be and I cannot speculate on that," said Nabila Masrali.

Asked by a journalist how the EU views Serbia's compliance with the Union's foreign and security policy, especially when it comes to sanctions against Russia, spokeswoman Ana Pisonero said that "Serbia has agreed to several resolutions in the UN General Assembly condemning the unprovoked and illegal Russian aggression against Ukraine, which, of course, was welcomed."

Anna Pisonero, European Enlargement Commissioner Oliver Varhei's media representative, added that it was important for "Serbia's gradual alignment within the membership negotiations with the Union's foreign policy and decisions, including sanctions against Russia."

Kosovo Prime Minister Albin Kurti said before the dialogue that the conversation must focus on mutual recognition and said he did not want to discuss the dispute over license plates and identity cards of Kosovo Serbs.

Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic pointed out that it is crucial in the Dialogue to make a decision on the implementation of the agreement on the Community of Serbian Municipalities in Kosovo.

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