More was done in one week than in one year: Buckovski is satisfied with the development of the dialogue with Bulgaria

Vlado Buckovski / Photo: MIA

Former Prime Minister and former Government Special Representative for the negotiations with Bulgaria, Vlado Buckovski, believes that Skopje and Sofia have done more in dialogue and relations in one week than in the past year.

- This will definitely lead to moving relations and restoring trust, but we will have to wait to see the results. In my opinion, the ideal period in which the first expectations can be given is the first three months. It will be important who will join the working groups, because the problems are not only political, because the two societies are really far from each other than 2 years ago. Systematic measures outside the ministers will be needed to improve the climate, but everyone will have to be involved, Buckovski said on the show "24 Analysis".

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