In two hours by train from Belgrade to Skopje

Photo: Facebook/Goran Vesic

The Minister of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure of Serbia, Goran Vesic, said that Belgrade and Skopje will be connected by the new "Soko" train that Serbia recently received.

Vesic presented the new high-speed train, which he pointed out is the most modern train in Europe, with which you can go from Belgrade to Nis in less than 100 minutes, from Belgrade to Skopje in two hours, and the plan is "Soko" in the future. to transport to Thessaloniki.

Vesic does not specify when Macedonia and Serbia will be connected by rail with such a train.

Goran Vesic added in the video published on "Tik-tok" that it will take three hours to go from Belgrade to Budapest, because he will drive at 200 kilometers per hour.

– Did you know that soon you will be able to reach Budapest in less than three hours with this fast train. I am on the latest high-speed train that will run from Belgrade to Budapest. This is the most modern train in Europe and it will go at a speed of 200 kilometers per hour when you leave Belgrade for Budapest, says Vesic.


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Vesic added that these are the most modern trains in Europe, and they are unique because of the possibility to move along the track even when there is no electricity.

- It has lithium batteries and if the electricity runs out it can drive 10 kilometers at a speed of 30 km/h, said Vesic.


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