In nine months, the City of Skopje realized only half of the planned Budget for 2023

From January to September of this year, the City of Skopje realized slightly more than 50 percent of the funds foreseen in the Budget for 2023. In the Report on the execution of the Budget of the City of Skopje as of September 30, which at today's session did not receive support from the councilors in the Council of the City of Skopje, it is stated that the total revenues and inflows were realized in the amount of 2 216 612 717 denars or 59,4 percentages in relation to projected revenues. At the same time, most of the revenues were realized in the basic budget and in the budget for subsidies. In the total revenues, tax revenues have the largest share, which are achieved with 50,5 percent and transfers and donations with a percentage share of 40,7 percent. As indicated by the city's Department of Finance, the total expenditures and other outflows for this period were made in the amount of almost 4 billion denars, and the realization in terms of expenditures is the largest in the basic budget.

And in this report on the Budget, a project schedule for spending the funds is missing, they are given in aggregate and we as councilors have no insight into what is being done in the City of Skopje - said Councilor Stefan Andonovski from VMRO-DPMNE, who was the only discussant on the report.

Andonovski pointed out that a large part of the planned funds for projects will remain unrealized this year, expressing doubt that for the remaining three months the City will be able to implement from the Budget as much as was achieved in three times longer period.

The city councilors gave the green light to the decision to establish inter-municipal cooperation between the City of Skopje and the Municipality of Centar for the reconstruction of a street in Centar, after they managed to get an answer as to which street it was, because the proposal for cooperation included Todor Aleksandrov Street, which it is not located in the Municipality of Centar at all. In fact, Salvador Allende Street will be reconstructed on the stretch from IZIIS to the intersection with the road to Sonchev Grad.

The total value for the realization of the inter-municipal cooperation is 11.356.320 denars including VAT. The City of Skopje has already provided these funds in the Budget for 2023, from program JDA 482 - Intermunicipal cooperation - construction, reconstruction and maintenance of thoroughfares. The Municipality of Centar will participate in the implementation of this cooperation by issuing a decision for reconstruction, as well as all other necessary documents and resolving possible property-legal disputes.


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