Heating will become more expensive by 60%, if the heating pipe is not installed on the Belasica bridge in three weeks.

Heating radiators for heating / Photo: "Free Press" - Dragan Mitreski

The heating season starts in less than three weeks, and the people of Skopje are threatened with a new price shock. Aif the new heat pipe is not installed on the Belasica bridge, the heating will become more expensive 60 percent. These days the engineers from ESM will have to start physical construction, but this will not mean rehabilitation of the bridge, but only a new pad and supports for the pipes. They are ready and waiting for permission from the city authorities to finish the work.
There is no answer from the City of Skopje, when they will give the green light so that the installation can be carried out.
Prime Minister Dimitar Kovacevski is optimistic that the heating pipes under Belasica, which have been waiting for half a year, will be installed in less than 3 weeks.

- I believe that there is time to do this and when it is done, it will facilitate the work of RKE to determine the price of thermal energy and it will be at a price acceptable to the people of Skopje. Colleagues in ESM are working on this issue, Kovacevski said.

The heat pipe is important because the heat from the Te-to passes through it, which is several times cheaper than that from the heating plants.

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