In 6 months, the water heating system of the pool in "Boris Trajkovski" breaks down twice, the director says the problem has been fixed

The swimming pool "Boris Trajkovski" in Skopje / Photo:

The water in the pool that is part of SC "Boris Trajkovski" is cold almost all week, and children who are professionally engaged in swimming are forced to swim in water that is not properly heated. Parents of children addressed the editorial office of "Free Press" pointing out that some of the clubs in the pool canceled the trainings last week, and for this week they are waiting to see what will happen.

- The coach told us that the water is cold and the small children should not come to catch a cold, and the big ones had to go because a swimming competition was held this weekend where they were to perform. They were forced to swim in cold water, because every missed training costs them and will affect their performance, and the organizer of the competition did not cancel it - a father complained to us.

This problem does not appear for the first time, some of the coaches of the swimming clubs that we contacted pointed out to us. They told us that six months ago the pool also had a problem with the water heating, so it took almost three weeks for parts to arrive from abroad. And then some of the children missed training, and some swam in water with inappropriate temperature.

"Free Press" tried to get in touch with the director of the pool Simona Jovanovska in order to ask her why the same defect occurs within six months due to which the children are forced to swim in cold water, but she did not want to give us a statement , after which we addressed the director of SC "Boris Trajkovski", Aleksandar Petrovski. He confirmed that there was a defect in the water heating system, but stressed that the problem has been solved and that as of today the water is heated.

- 10 days ago we had a big defect of the chiller number 2 which is just for heating and we have one in the pool, a small chiller, which is like a backup variant and which broke down as if it were a bad one. We assume that when there were some problems with the electricity, it burned it. There is such a part only in Turkey, in Macedonia there is none at all, it has already been ordered, we have adjusted the big chiller in the meantime. Everything is difficult, now with these containers as they explained to me with the parts that are ordered, it takes a long time, but I think that in record time, seven to eight days the problem was solved. The water was really cold, so every morning we informed everyone who uses our services at the pool, and emails were sent to all the clubs to cancel the children's training. We had problems with the water temperature for seven days, as of Friday it has already been repaired, otherwise the match would not have taken place and it would have been transferred to another location - Petrovski told us.

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