Xiaomi has unveiled its functional humanoid robot

"Xiaomi Robotics Lab" presented the robot "Xiaomi CyberOne" / Photo: Printscreen/Twitter

The company "Xiaomi” overtook Tesla and unveiled its fully functional humanoid prototype robot.

It is about a robot called "Xiaomi CyberOne", which is 177cm tall and weighs 52kg, and its nickname is "Metal Bro". He even has a zodiac sign, which is Leo.

During the presentation, "Metal Bro" walked across the stage and presented a flower to the CEO of Xiaomi, Lei Yun. He then posed for a selfie with the man responsible for his existence. Eventually, the robot retreated from the stage.

CyberOne is the second product from Xiaomi Robotics Lab since we saw the robotic dog CyberDog in August last year. The humanoid machine has a face in the form of a curved "OLED" panel, sees the world in "3D" format and can "listen" thanks to two microphones and identify "85 types of sounds in the environment and 45 classifications of human emotions." His body consists of 13 joints, his movements are precise, but still not as agile as the Atlac robot from Boston Dynamics.

The current cost of the robot is between $89.000 and $104.000, and the company will need more time to get Metal Bro ready for mass production. Xiaomi also plans to add new capabilities to its first humanoid robot.

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