Vucic: Why is it starting with this resolution and not with what was done to the Serbs in the world wars?!


The President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vucic, emphasized that the Serbian victims, who today at the UN headquarters in New York testified about their suffering during the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina, "will feel bad" if the UN General Assembly adopts a resolution on the genocide in Srebrenica because "they will have the mark of genocide on their foreheads, because they will be declared part of the genocidal people."

"You will say that we have amendments that deny that, but if the resolution is about individual responsibility, why are you passing it," Vucic said, adding that "Serbia arrested and extradited those who were found responsible for the terrible events in Srebrenica." .

He stated that "Serbs lost 28 percent of their population in the First World War and that in proportion to their numbers they suffered the most," adding that "in the Second World War they were 85 percent of the total victims in the territory of the former SFRY, if we are talking about people who were killed by Nazis and fascists."

"Serbia has never hidden the fact that Serbs committed terrible crimes in Srebrenica," Vucic said.

He said that in 2015 he went to Potocare to pay his respects to the victims, but that he was "almost lynched" there and that afterwards "the people who attacked him were never found", which has not happened anywhere in the world. According to him, the resolution on the genocide in Srebrenica, if it is adopted, will cause enthusiasm on one side and sadness, anger and contempt on the other side. He says it will not unite people in Bosnia and Herzegovina, nor in the region, but will cause the opposite effect, as it will not ensure peace in the future, asking the creators and those who support them why they insist on a resolution when they know that.

"The real purpose of this resolution is to punish the freedom-loving people. I cannot threaten and blackmail other countries as some co-sponsors do to others. "We are a small country and a proud nation that defends its dignity, and therefore I call on everyone not to vote for the resolution and to create inclusive conditions for dialogue," said Vucic.

He revealed that the permanent representative of Serbia in the UN wanted to talk with the Germans as the main authors of the resolution if something could be done together.

"He got the answer: 'You will face the resolution as we will give it to you!'" We are too small, but we believe that European values ​​will always mean that we should all be involved in passing such important resolutions," said Vucic.

He asked the countries planning to vote on the resolution what they would do after opening Pandora's box and if they would then say that there was no genocide against the Soviet people or that Serbs were not killed in the First and Second World Wars.

"How about different issues from around the world?" Are you going to turn a blind eye or say that this is not just a denial of something, although we are not denying anything, and then you will deny when something suits you?" Vucic asked.

He emphasized that Serbia and the Serbs, no matter what happens, will not be silent, but will fight for the truth and no one will stop them.

"Serbs have always been a libertarian nation and paid the highest price for the freedom of their country and people. Once again, I would ask everyone to think about their decisions, because they can affect many things in the future, not only in the region but also in the whole world," said Vucic.

At the end of the panel he thanked all the victims who testified today because, as he pointed out, they were all brave enough to share their life experiences with everyone and for not keeping them to themselves.


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