Vucic on lithium: A mistake was made, foreign services found people to stop the growth of Serbia

Aleksandar Vuќi.
Aleksandar Vuќi / / EPA-EFE / STEPHANIE LECOCQ

The President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vucic, guesting in the morning program of TV Pink, also spoke about lithium, saying that he still claims that a mistake was made that all activities with lithium were stopped and for that he blamed the foreign services that found people to stop Serbia's progress, reported the MIA correspondent from Belgrade.

- They thought I was crazy because I was the only one talking about lithium. We were able to do all that according to the highest world standards and that part of Serbia flourished for us. And why didn't we do that, because the foreign services found people here who will stop the development of Serbia, said Vucic.

- We would have three to four percent higher growth on an annual level. In ten years we will reach a medium developed European country. Serbia is still economically the best country in the region and we would be even better. It is clear to me why the foreigners did it. They want an imbalance, that Serbia cannot go higher, but that they have to control it. That's why they did it with lithium and slowed down our country. If the government makes another decision tomorrow, and it won't, we've lost five years. We have lithium, we have molybdenum which is necessary for weapons. We also have calcite, carbonate whatever its name is. We are rich, but we cannot use it, because mining as a branch does not exist in our country, said Vucic.

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