Vucic on European politics: I expect a more favorable situation for Serbia

Aleksandar Vucic / Photo EPA-EFE/SARAH MEYSSONNIER /

Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic said today that he expects, as far as European politics are concerned, a more favorable situation for Serbia in the European Parliament, but added that he is not sure that it will be more favorable in the European Commission, the MIA correspondent from Belgrade reported.

Vucic added that if the former president of the EC, Ursula von der Leyen, remains at the head of the Commission, it would be news for Serbia, which would mean stability and security, because they know each other well.

- Those talks are not necessarily easy, but this is a woman who has come to Serbia, to Belgrade, on several occasions, showing respect for our country and I know that we can work well, said Vucic, answering a journalist's question about the upcoming elections in France when added that he has no right to interfere in the internal relations of other countries.

- I personally have extremely good relations with Macron and it is up to the French people to make a decision, he said and emphasized that everything that happens in France has a great effect on European politics.

Vucic stressed that he is very grateful to France for what it did in relation to the Council of Europe and for pointing out that Pristina has not fulfilled its obligations from all agreements, from the basic agreement through the Brussels Agreement, to the Ohrid Agreement, related to the Community of Serbian Municipalities .

He reminded that as far as the French elections are concerned, that France is currently the second most important economic power in Europe.

- Of course, the most important elections in the world these years are the elections in the United States and much of what is happening in the world, when you see the instability of the oil price and everything else is related to the American elections, he said and added that "and many others things will be related to the American elections, because the fate of humanity will be decided sometime in November in the United States."

- What worries me, what scares me, and I will repeat what I told Die Weltwoche, scares me is that very difficult things could happen before that, and those elections would be delayed in every sense, said Vucic.

Regarding the EP elections, he said that he is not absolutely convinced that today he can say that he is happier and more satisfied, because he fears that as things are going in politics, many people, a little to the right and a little to the left of the center, will start to be united in their hatred of those who have now taken away about 200 of their 720 mandates and that they would all be united in a policy that was characteristic of the left and green political parties.

- If that happened, the right-wing political parties would get much more space for some next elections, but we would have lost 4 or 5 years. So, I am skeptical about that, about those expectations, but if Von der Leyen remains at the head of the commission, that would be the connection for Serbia that would mean stability.

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