Vucic: Big changes are coming in June because of Ukraine, the Americans are creating a bloc in Europe

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The President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vucic, said today that what is happening in global politics, and above all in Europe, will change the dynamics of Serbia's relationship with the EU and that a parallel process is taking place under the influence of the United States, in which a separate bloc is being created in Europe, which can become the strongest, reported the correspondent of MIA from Belgrade.

- It should happen already in June, because Ukraine will not easily win in the military sense and I expect it to gain great momentum on the European road. There follows an urgent start of European negotiations with the possibility of quick entry into the EU because the Americans are creating a separate block in Europe which is not small. Poland, the Baltic countries plus Ukraine, those five countries. You will have countries that are bigger than France and approaching Germany. Then it is clear that that quintet or sextet with Romania becomes the strongest in Europe after Germany. We want to position ourselves as a Central European country, that's why we have closer relations with Hungary. It will change the dynamics of our relationship with Europe. I want to believe that it will be in a positive sense, but for us there are limiting factors regarding the sanctions against Russia and Kosovo, said Vucic on TV Pink.

As he said, America will be dominant, an agreement with Europe will follow, but with the request that in the future they implement measures against China, such as the USA implements.

- It is interesting what happened at the session of the Council of Europe, an important change towards China, until now it was our economic partner, our competitor and strategic rival. For the first time, Ursula von der Leyen said – a strategic rival. America will be dominant in Europe. It sees China as a strategic adversary. That is why the visit of von der Leyen and Macron to China will be interesting, said Vucic.

Vucic referred to relations with Hungary, recalling Viktor Orbán's statement that, historically speaking, they are at the highest level. As he said, he has a guardianship dialogue with Orban and expects a meeting between the two governments in May, which will lead to the formation of a new body, that is, a strategic council.

When asked what he thinks about the warrant issued by the International Criminal Court (ICC) against Russian President Vladimir Putin, Vucic replied that he considers it a politically very bad decision that will cost a lot in the lives of Russians and Ukrainians, but also with a great impact on the economy of the whole Europe.

- You will have to sit down with Putin to talk, and how can you talk to him and leave this to him? How do you even think of making some kind of agreement, and this remains like Damaklov's sword over the head. Why did you limit it?, asked Vucic.

He pointed out that the ICC has made a commitment that he does not know how he will implement.

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