Vucic says that early elections are certain in Serbia, but no transitional government

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Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic says that it is clear that there will be early parliamentary elections, but he reiterated that there will be no transitional government.

"To repeat, there will be no transitional government, because that requires my decision and I will never make such a decision and there are no talks and negotiations on that issue." Not because it is someone's political whim, as president I would probably be even more popular if I proposed it, it doesn't occur to me, it is the destruction of Serbia. I swore, I will respect the independence of the Republic of Serbia and I will never participate in such a thing against my interests", said Vucic, who together with Ana Brnabić addressed the public tonight.

Prime Minister Brnabic believes that the way out of the crisis is parliamentary elections by the end of the year, who stated that she is ready to resign from that position at any moment.

"I'm always ready to resign, but when society is in crisis the only way is to talk and they don't want to talk, I'm ready and make sure you have my resignation on the table. I believe that the way out of the crisis is parliamentary elections by the end of the year, I leave it to the President of the Republic to make a decision," Brnabic said.

Vucic, on the other hand, says that the Serbian Progressive Party will not want a new mandate if Ana Brnabic resigns because they are satisfied with the work of the prime minister. He explained that Brnabic is submitting his resignation to the Parliament, and then he has 30 days to propose another for the mandate.

"If Brnabic resigns, SNS will not want a new mandate, because we are satisfied with her work. We have 45 to 60 days to hold new elections and we are accordingly prepared to negotiate with those who would like elections. "The majority will try to be fair and measured and make a technical agreement with the minority," he said.

The President of Serbia says that at the talks he will expect those who should show little responsibility for the Serbian society and that he believes that he will still find interlocutors among those who should show seriousness. If not, we will go to elections, he said.

"Now it is clear that we will have early parliamentary elections, it is only a matter of months." We will speed up the dissolution of the Parliament because there are deadlines," added Vucic.

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