Tomorrow, Vucic will start consultations for a candidate for the prime minister's post

Aleksandar Vucic / Photo EPA-EFE/ANDREJ CUKIC

Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic will start consultations for the candidate for prime minister tomorrow, and meetings with representatives of the electoral lists are planned. The political struggle of the Albanians - Shaip Kamberi and the Russian party - Slobodan Nikolic continues.

"From Monday I will start consultations in accordance with the Constitution and the Law for the President of the Republic of Serbia, so I believe that during the next week I will talk with those who want to talk and will respect the Constitution and the Law for this country, because of course there will be those who will write you five announcements and 10 statements why they will not come to talks. I will carry out the necessary consultations with everyone who wants to talk and after that I will be ready to appoint a representative", said Vucic in the visit of RTS.

The deadline for the formation of the new executive authority, as Euronews Serbia writes, began with the constitution of the Assembly at the beginning of February, and the public is already bidding on the name of the future president and possible ministers.

Although it is still in the assumption stage, analysts assess that the three leading figures of the Serbian Progressive Party are candidates for the post of prime minister, the portal writes.

Extraordinary parliamentary elections in Serbia were held on December 17, and the Assembly of Serbia was constituted on February 6.


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