Vucic ready to resign, Serbia before extraordinary elections in September?

Aleksandar Vuќi / / Photo: EPA-EFE / NEMANJA JOVANOVIC

According to unofficial information from the top of the Serbian Progressive Party, transmitted by the Serbian media, in September there will be extraordinary elections in which the candidate for prime minister will be Aleksandar Vuќi., current president of the state and leader of the Serbian Progressive Party, who, according to the same sources, was already ready to resign from the presidency.

As he unofficially learns "Blitz", at today's session of the party leadership of the Progressive Party, Vucic gave a "sharp speech".

"It is better to go into opposition than to lead the state for party and private interests." "I am ready to go to the elections as a candidate for prime minister, but I will not give in to blackmail," said Vucic.

He added that his party is alone in defending state interests and that "only the people are with it". Such words come after a stormy session of the Parliament at the end of last week, in which Vucic explained the "European plan" to resolve the disputes between Belgrade and Pristina.

The President of Serbia told his fellow party members that "he is fed up with corrupt people who want to get rich at the expense of the party, often referring to him in their dark affairs and every time they had to fight for the country and the people, they were the first to turn him away." the back." The session ended with his words "Serbia won".

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