Vucic: There is an idea for Kosovo to be admitted to NATO

Vucic/ Photo: Milos Miskov / AFP / Profimedia

The President of Serbia Aleksandar Vuќi. in the Serbian parliament as they announced Serbian media said that there is a danger that Kosovo will be admitted to NATO.

"Everyone is trying to make Serbia recognize Kosovo. We expect that it will occur to someone to bring Kosovo into NATO and thereby force four of the five EU countries to recognize independence and thus force us to accept it as well," said President Vucic, stressing that Serbia would never do that. will not accept it, even if it comes true.

Speaking about relations with Moscow, President Aleksandar Vucic reminded that Serbia has not imposed sanctions on Russia, that he respects President Putin, but for him there is only one country he serves, and that is Serbia.

This afternoon complete chaos took place in the Serbian assembly, where Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic addressed the MPs, announcing the details of the European proposal for Kosovo.

Representatives of the Serbian opposition caused an incident and interrupted the presentation of Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic on the European proposal for a solution to relations with Kosovo.

Vucic's speech was interrupted by chants of "Treason" and "Kosovo is Serbia", after which he accused the opposition of having already given away Kosovo.

In the Assembly of Serbia, the work was briefly interrupted, because after the verbal conflict between the opposition and President Vucic, a physical confrontation took place.

After the incident, the former president of Serbia Boris Tadic announced that it does not rule out the possibility that the "scandal" in the republican parliament was arranged by President Aleksandar Vucic and part of the opposition, Beta reported.

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