Vucic: We did not expect that some countries would stab us in the back

Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic said today in New York that Serbia has received information about who will vote for the resolution on genocide in Srebrenica and that there will be "disappointing news regarding the attitude of some countries from which, as he pointed out, he did not expect to stab them in the back ".

- There will be disappointing news from some countries that we did not expect to stab us in the back, there was a lot of pressure and many are silent and in the end they will vote "yes". But there will be those who will withstand the pressure and will not agree to join the strange principles, said Vucic.

The President of Serbia repeated that he promised to fight and it will not remain without results.

- So they will repeat the empty story that it is not the collective fault of the Serbian people and that they love the Serbs, etc., and then expect from Friday and Saturday attempts to calm the situation - as if the Serbs are our best friends and to continue as if nothing happened it didn't happen yesterday, Vucic said.

He pointed out that it is a paradox that Germany, after the First and Second World Wars, will make the opening statement in the UN General Assembly and open the debate.

- How strange that Germany will judge us with its introductory presentation. I will not fight for the preservation of the seat, I will fight for Serbia, stressed the president of Serbia.

Vucic added that Montenegro "thought that the Serbs were stupid" with its amendments to the Resolution.

- They thought that every normal person would accept to have an excuse in front of their citizens and say - great, now we have amendments, which say that the Serbs are not collective culprits and that Serbia is not a collective culprit - blame, blame situation, etc. Only those people did not understand. Maybe they would convince everyone else in Serbia, but they didn't convince me. They were sure that I would do the same as them, I don't mean in Montenegro, but in many countries and that I would accept what was easier for me and that would keep me in power and that no one would accuse me anywhere, Vucic said. for reporters in New York.

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