Vucic on the anniversary of the Brussels Agreement: Eleven years of lies and terror, without the formation of the Security Council

Aleksandar Vucic / Photo EPA-EFE/SARAH MEYSSONNIER /

11 years have passed since the Brussels Agreement, in which Serbia developed and progressed faster than others. But also 11 years of lies and terror inflicted on us by the Pristina regime and the EU. For eleven years, the essence, the establishment of the Community of Serbian Municipalities, has not been implemented, Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic said today.

He added that 11 years have passed in "brutal lies, after which the question arises as to what kind of trust we can have and build".

According to him, there was no one who did not react yesterday due to the detention of buses at the crossings.

- Shame on you all together. The buses were not detained, but two or three people were detained for questioning: one was a member of the KLA and is suspected of having committed a crime. And the second one has been detained for security reasons. They are all released. And that was the biggest problem in the world. The blockade of goods from Serbia to Kosovo has been going on for ten months... Everyone is silent, he stressed, citing cases of arrests and beatings of Serbs in Kosovo.

He said that we will have to "get used to that hypocrisy and duplicity because it will not change" and that this is seen in the resolution on Srebrenica in the UN and the Council of Europe.

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