Vucic-Meloni: Italy wants a quick enlargement process with guarantees that all of Europe will be united

Economic and political relations were the focus of Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni's talks with Serbian President Alekdandar Vucic at today's meeting in Belgrade, with an emphasis on European integration processes and migrant policy and the start of the production of the electric vehicle "Panda" by Stellantis in Kraguvac, the correspondent reported. of MIA from Belgrade.

Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni said that it is important for Rome that the Western Balkans join the European family and that Serbia has a strategic importance for Italy.

- That is why we are here and we will continue to be among the first to support the enlargement process, not so much the enlargement as the unification of Europe, because Europe is not a club where it is decided who should be there. What the European institutions should do is a serious and fast process to guarantee that the whole of Europe will be united - said Meloni.

She emphasized that "for Italy, it is important that Western Europe be part of the EU family and Serbia can count on the support of Italy and in the European Council, in order to speed up the process of getting closer to the EU and all that is required by the European Commission." .

- I know that Serbia will continue to have a constructive approach in the dialogue on Kosovo. Italy supports that process and we are working on the implementation of all the commitments undertaken by the parties - said Meloni.

Vucic said at the press conference that Italy is objectively and fundamentally approaching the solution of the problems in the region.

- I talked with Meloni about all regional issues and Serbia's European path and I am grateful to the Prime Minister of Italy for Italy's essential and persistent support for Serbia's European path, and I am especially grateful to Meloni for always wanting to hear our opinion, to listen what Serbia has to say, and that there is no unilateral approach to the problems in the region - said Vucic.

Regarding economic cooperation, Vucic expressed hope that in the future it could be much higher, especially when "Stelantis starts to produce the electric "panda" in Kragujevac".

- The company "Stelantis" can, in addition to the production of the "panda", a new electric vehicle, be a generator of new investments in the automotive industry - said Vucic.


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