Vucic: Kosovo is part of Serbia, if Kurti takes the alleged mayors to the south, then there will be real reconciliation

Kosovo is part of Serbia, it is very clear and written in the Constitution of Serbia, it is also confirmed by the UN Resolution from 1999. What is the problem, said the president Aleksandar Vuќi. in an interview with "La Stampa".

Vucic pointed out that Serbs living in the north of Kosovo feel insecure almost every week from the special units of the Kosovo police.

Pristina has no right to keep special police in the north. They detain, stop, harass our people. Kurti has always said – "We are a sovereign country, we have the right to deploy our forces wherever we want". It is clear that it cannot. Vucic pointed out.

The Serbs, he recalls, started protesting because of the illegal and illegitimate elections for mayors, stating that there are municipalities where the mayor was elected by 11 people.

Even the Americans and the EU condemn his behavior. But he doesn't want to hear that," underlined Vucic.

When asked what he wanted from Kurti to stop the protests, he replied:

"To take his supposed mayors to the south and remove his soldiers from the north." Then there will be real reconciliation between Serbs and Albanians. We want it, we are ready for many compromises. On the other hand, there are those whose only goal is to expel the Serbs and show their muscles. We are pacifying the people, but if it continues like this, it will not be possible."

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