Vucic to Kosovo Serbs: Do not enter into conflict with NATO, but if the Albanian occupier shoots, it will be very different

Aleksandar Vuќi „" Open Balkans "
Aleksandar Vucic / Photo: EPA-EFE / ANDREJ CUKIC

The Serbian president Aleksandar Vuќi. stated that Serbia will do everything to preserve peace after today's conflicts in the north of Kosovo, but that "things will be completely different" if the Albanians shoot at the Serbs.

"If the Albanian occupier fires, things will be completely different, that's something I conveyed to everyone in NATO," Vucic told reporters at the Presidency.

He urged the Serbs in Kosovo not to enter into a conflict with NATO, because in his opinion, that is what the Prime Minister of Kosovo wants most. Albin Kurti.

"I call on them when they protest, whether it will be tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, it is their decision, because I know that they will not accept the occupation of their buildings, their cities and houses, to do it in a peaceful way, as they are today, to they are sitting. When they oppose the Albanian occupier in a peaceful way, then no one can do anything to them," said Vucic.

He stated that the Serbian army has redeployed forces to places where they consider it necessary and added that pogrom and expulsion of Serbs from Kosovo will not be allowed.

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