Vucevic says that the Serbs "hunted like beasts" through the forests of northern Kosovo

Photo: Kosovo Online

Serbian Defense Minister Milos Vucevic said that after the events in the north of Kosovo on September 24, the key question is who allowed the Kosovo police from the south to come to the north of Kosovo, contrary to the Brussels agreement.

"Someone is apparently allowing Albin Kurti to build bases in the north, so that heavily armed policemen can enter," Vucevic told RTS.

He emphasized that someone allowed a "mimicry of elections" to take place in the north of Kosovo, in order to change the head of the police for the northern region, Nenad Djuric.

"Serbia condemned the murder of the Kosovo policeman, but what happened next was terrible, Serbs were hunted like beasts in the forests. It can be seen that someone prepared it well, when you look at the recordings that are published successively. All that requires additional investigation," says Vucevic.

He also pointed out that Serbia is largely disappointed by the reaction of KFOR, which must be the first to react in such situations, to prevent further bloodshed, as well as for EULEX to come out if there are elements for an investigation.

"KFOR had to stop further shooting." KFOR has a base not far from there, they could react as if they stood aside and allowed the well-deployed Kosovo police to continue hunting Serbs in Banjska," said Vucevic.

He pointed out that Serbia is at the lowest technical level of communication with KFOR, but that "we cannot stop cooperation".

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