Vucevic: There are indications that Greece and Romania are changing their position, the resolution will have consequences for the Western Balkans

The Prime Minister of Serbia, Milos Vucevic, said today that the pressures from the West to support the Resolution on the genocide in Srebrenica are enormous and that, as he stated, "there are indications that Greece, and possibly Romania, will change their position", the correspondent reported. of MIA from Belgrade.

- It is difficult for the Serbs to understand that the Greeks are voting for this, just as it was painful for us to see a Greek woman proposing Kosovo's entry into the Council of Europe, Vucevic said on Prva television, regarding the appeal of the President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vucic, Greece to abstain from voting on the resolution in the General Assembly of the United Nations.

He assessed that the adoption of the resolution will have consequences for Serbia and the region of the Western Balkans, that the next step is the abolition of Republika Srpska and revision of the Dayton dispute, as well as that someone is playing with fire in the Western Balkans.

Vucevic said that the "engineers" of the resolution deliberately chose to vote for it from countries or peoples close to the Serbs in order to further humiliate us.

- The resolution marks the Serbian people as genocidal, even though we are a suffering people, he said.

According to him, Montenegro's amendments to the resolution "essentially do not change anything in it, but throw dust in the eyes".

- We cannot stop the voting of that resolution, because such is geopolitics, but it will be a great success for us if the majority of countries are against it and abstain. It will be a clear message to the world that they essentially failed, even though they will formally vote on it, said Prime Minister Vucevic.

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