WEATHER FORECAST: Cold, cloudy, with very low temperatures in the morning

Woman with a scarf and hat / Photo: Free Press - Dragan Mitreski

Today the weather in Macedonia it will be sunny and COLD with moderate local clouds. Especially along the Povardarie will blow moderate, occasionally stronger wind from the north and northwest. Maximum temperatures will rise in the range of -2 to 6 degrees, he says weather forecast on Slavcho Poposki behind Morning briefing.

weather forecast, Slavcho Poposki
Weather forecast of Slavcho Poposki / Morning briefing

In Skopje and the surrounding area the weather will be sunny and COLD with moderate clouds. A moderate, occasionally stronger wind will blow from the north. The maximum temperature will rise to about 3 degrees.

Then tomorrow and Friday during the day the weather will be stable, dry and sunny, occasionally with moderate clouds, while on Friday night, as well as during the weekend there will be more clouds and there will be occasional local light rain mostly snow. Temperatures in the morning will still be VERY LOW and in some places will drop to around -10 degrees, while the maximum daily during the following days will be higher and will rise in the range of 2 to 10 degrees in the warmest areas.

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