WEATHER FORECAST: Sunny weather, heavy rain in the afternoon

Torrential rain in Skopje / Photo: "Sloboden Pechat"/Dragan Mitreski

In the morning, sunny weather will prevail with low to moderate cloudiness and with a weak to moderate wind from the southeast direction, in the afternoon there will be an isolated occurrence of torrential rain followed by thunder. The morning temperature will range from 13 to 16 degrees, and the daytime temperature from 18 to 29 degrees.

In Skopje, it will be moderately cloudy in the morning, in the afternoon in parts of the valley it will be unstable with torrential rain, thunder and strong wind. The minimum morning temperature will reach 15 degrees, and the maximum daytime temperature will reach 26 degrees.

HMRC also predicts unstable weather for tomorrow. In the morning it is expected to be sunny with low to moderate cloudiness, in the afternoon unstable with local torrential rain, thunder and strong wind, in places with storm conditions with intense torrential rain, strong wind and the occurrence of hail.

In Skopje tomorrow morning sunny with low to moderate clouds, in the afternoon in parts of the valley unstable with heavy rain, thunder and strong wind.

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