WEATHER FORECAST: Sunny and warm in the morning, with local torrential rain and thunderstorms in the afternoon


The weather this morning will be sunny and quite warm with small to moderate local clouds and light to moderate wind from variable direction, and in the afternoon there will be local instability with torrential rain and thunderstorms.

The maximum temperature will be in the range of 26 to 32 degrees. The UV index will be 8.

In Skopje, sunny and warm morning, and from noon in parts of the valley there will be instability with torrential rain, thunderstorms and strong wind.

The maximum temperature will reach 31 degrees.

In the following days, the weather will remain warm with maximum temperatures slightly above the average for this period of the year, but in the afternoon there will be local instability with heavy rain, thunderstorms and strong winds, sometimes in the form of storms, as well as conditions. for the appearance of a city.

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