It is time for Pristina to establish the WHO, says Vucic after the meeting with Escobar and Lajcak

Photo: Dragan Mitreski / Free Press

The meeting of the President of Serbia Aleksandar Vuќi., the special representative of the European Union for the dialogue between Belgrade and Pristina Miroslav Lajcak and Washington's special representative for the Western Balkans, Gabriel Escobar, about the situation in the north of Kosovo was held tonight in the Villa "Mir" in Belgrade.

After the meeting, the President of Serbia announced through social networks:

"From day one, Serbia has been a constructive, consistent and reliable partner in all processes that would lead to preserving the stability of the entire region. I said that it is time for Pristina to finally fulfill its obligations, and above all the establishment of the Community of Serbian Municipalities in accordance with the Brussels Agreement. "I want to believe that the part of the international community that has the greatest influence on Pristina has mechanisms that can lead to the final realization of the obligations that Pristina accepted and signed more than a decade ago," wrote Vucic.

Escobar said that he will wait until tomorrow for a response from Pristina and Belgrade to the European Union's proposal for de-escalation in the north of Kosovo.

In a conversation with several journalists in Kosovo, he, speaking about the current situation in the north, said that the way forward is the EU's proposal for immediate de-escalation, including a plan for mayors not to work from municipal buildings while there are tensions, and organizing new elections with the participation of Serbs and realization of the Ohrid annex.

"This means that we must see a real effort by Kosovo to form the Community and we must see steps taken by Serbia. It must be done now, we must agree on it today and tomorrow, because on Friday Miroslav (Lajcak) and I will submit a report to our superiors whether we succeeded or not," said Escobar.

Today, Lajcak announced on Twitter that during the meeting with Vjosa Osmani and the leaders of the opposition parties, he stressed the importance of finding a political solution that would allow a return to normality.

"I, Gabriel Escobar and the ambassador (of the USA in Kosovo) Jeffrey Hovenier explained to the opposition parties of the Kosovo Albanians the consequences of the current crisis and the damage to the international reputation of Kosovo. We asked them to support a political solution to reduce tensions," Lajcak wrote.

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