VREDI announces a central rally in Skopje on Monday, they have not received any response from the City

Press conference of the VREDI (VLEN) movement/Photo: MIA

The VREDI coalition announced today that it will hold a central rally in Skopje on Monday, but they have not yet received any response from the City of Skopje to their request that it be held in Skanderbeg Square on April 22, starting at 20.30:XNUMX p.m.

- In order to be as transparent as possible before the citizens, we want to inform you that, as required by the procedure, we submitted a request to the City of Skopje to organize the central rally in Macedonia Square, so that everyone can see what an extraordinary rally means, with free will and without pressure , while the corrupt government is on the run to see what popular support means, which they haven't had for a long time. We have not received any response from the City of Skopje to date, which means that the response is negative, and this decision was made by the mayor Danela Arsovska, Blerim Bejeti and Levica who are in a coalition, in a panic to prevent the VLEN coalition from organizing the central rally, knowing the atmosphere and the great support from the citizens. Any answer that comes on Monday will be delayed and tendentious due to the short time for organizing, said the VREDI Coalition.

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