The employees of the Serbian television stations of Kosovo, TV Most and RTV Gračanica, have started a hunger strike

The members of the Independent Trade Union of the Public Enterprise "Mreža Most - TV Most" in Kosovska Mitrovica and of "RTV Gračanica" started a hunger strike this morning due to low wages and demand that they too receive a so-called Kosovo allowance, the Association of Journalists of Serbia (ZNS) announced. .

The association states that the president of that union, Dejan Jevtic, stated that 22 employees, including journalists and other workers, are on strike demanding a salary increase and Kosovo allowance.

It is stated that the net salary of most workers is between 40.000 and 45.000 dinars and has not increased in recent years despite inflation and the difficult situation in society.

Our journalists are entitled to a Kosovo allowance just like professors, doctors and other workers who receive it. We just want to do our job, to stay living in Kosovo and Metohija with our families, but also to have the same rights and conditions as the workers in other companies, the announcement states.

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