PHOTO: The employees of the "Lazar Pop Trajkov" palace turned the space between the buildings into a parking lot: Residents report and complain in vain

Photo: Reader of Sloboden Pechat.

The employees of the several institutions located in the "Lazar Pop Trajkov" palace, located opposite the former "Bristol" hotel in the city center, with their cars turned the space between the baroque building and the block of the City Wall, behind "Krash" into a private parking lot.

Photo: Reader of Sloboden Pechat

The residents of the building on Dame Gruev Street number 3 are outraged by the behavior of the new "tenants" in the palace, but even more so by the carelessness of the authorities, where they have reported several times, but the problem has not been resolved to date.

It has been reported everywhere and several times they put poles on the sidewalk, but drivers find a way - they drive about 50 meters every morning on the sidewalk to park under a building. From the City of Skopje they transfer the blame to the Municipality of Centar, and from there vice versa. "Spider" came once and everyone ran away, but again they don't give up the parking spots. By the way, there is a parking lot of the City of Skopje 15 meters from here, explains one of the residents of the building.

He says that this habit of the employees of the office building creates anxiety among the residents who used to often enter into verbal conflicts with the people who park, but it was unsuccessful, so now they just raise the wipers of the cars and occasionally leave a piece of paper with a warning, too so, in vain.

Residents believe that there is a very simple solution to the problem if someone wants to implement it, and that is to put posts on the sidewalk in front of Hotel "Bristol". This, according to our interlocutor, was also told to several councilors with whom they managed to get in touch both in the City of Skopje and in the Municipality of Centar, but the situation has not changed in that way either.

Photo: Reader of Sloboden Pechat

Several state and other institutions are located in the "Lazar Pop Trajkov" palace, there are the Securities Commission, the Insurance Supervision Agency, the Energy Regulatory Commission, the Directorate of M-NAV and others. Why the authorities do not punish and do not seek a solution for the disobedience of the employees in these institutions and why their illegal parking is tolerated remains an enigma. Just as it is unclear why the tenants of the buildings are allowed to be unlawfully deprived of the free walking space in front of their homes.

This is not the only case in the city where it "turns a blind eye" when it comes to illegal parking of employees in state institutions.

Despite the fact that parking in the municipality of Centar is the most expensive and it is the most difficult to find a free space, and the "spiders" of POC and "City Parking" brag about hundreds of vehicles lifted every week due to illegal parking, this does not apply to parking along Filip Vtori Street Macedonian, next to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. There, on the stretch from the intersection at Skanderbeg Square to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs building, dozens of cars are parked along the street on both sides every day.

Photo: Reader of Sloboden Pechat

The institutions that are located here have their own underground parking lots, so if it is a question of official vehicles or vehicles of employees of these institutions, then the police should act and punish, as they punish wrongly parked citizens in other locations around the city.

Recently, "Sloboden Pechat" also wrote about the condition of the pavement on the street that passes under Porta Makedonija towards the town square, where the tiles laid three years ago are broken due to the constant passing of delivery vehicles and vans and the area has been turned into a parking lot. And here no one reacts.

In order for the city to function normally, the municipalities, the City of Skopje and the police must fulfill their obligations, each in their own domain. To punish, but also to look for solutions such as preventing the entry of cars into a space that is not intended for parking. At the same time, to react to the reports and complaints of the citizens, because don't they all constantly claim, from the local to the state level, that they work only and only in the interest of the citizens.

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